Corporate Governance

Basic Principles

Japan Material Group (the Group), as based on our corporate philosophy and to maximize its corporate value, we recognize to strengthen the corporate governance system as one of the top priority for our management. Up on this idea, the Group is building an organizational structure that enable to ensure fair, sound and transparent business operation through various measures related to the corporate governance. In addition, we’re also thoroughly strive our compliance while fostering each and every employees’ sense of ethic with strong awareness of CSR to train our employees and to maintain our work environment.

Basic Policies

(1) Ensuring the rights and equity of shareholders. (2) Working appropriately together with stakeholders besides shareholders, such as customers, business partners, creditors, local communities, employees etc… (3) Ensuring appropriate disclosure of information and its transparency. (4) Accomplishing roles and responsibilities of Board of Directors appropriately, in order to perform transparent, fair, prompt and decisive decision makings. (5) Engaging a constructive communication with shareholders to contribute sustainable growth and enhancing corporate value over the mid to long term.