Privacy Policy

JAPAN MATERIAL Co., Ltd. (the "Company”) manages any personal information received from customers via email communications in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
The Company strives to avoid any impingement of a customer rights or interests through the acquisition, holding, use, or disclosure of that specific customer’s personal information.
Customers can visit the Company's website without disclosing their personal information. No personal information will be collected when customers are merely viewing the Company's website.
The Company's website collects access logs in order to analyze website usage. However, this access log information is used as anonymous information for statistical analysis purposes and does not include any personal information. Furthermore, the Company does not use cookies on its website.
The Company strives to protect any personal customer information acquired by the Company by establishing internal regulations and management systems, educating employees, and taking appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information. These measures are subject to continuous review to ensure the proper protection of personal information.
The Company restricts the use of customers’ personal information to the extent required for the following purposes:
  • To respond to inquiries or consultations
  • To execute contracts concluded between a customer(s) and the Company
  • To send information about upcoming events, etc. to customers
The Company will not share a customer’s personal information with a third party without prior consent of the customer except, on occasion, in the following circumstances:
  • Complying with legal obligations
  • If necessary to protect a person's safety or property and difficult to obtain a customer's consent
  • If the Company determines that for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance, the use of customers’ personal information is necessary or appropriate, and obtaining a customer's consent could interfere with the achievement of the purposes.
The Company strives to uphold all laws, regulations, and other standards relating to the handling of customers’ personal information and to continually review and improve this Privacy Policy.