Dividends & Shareholders Benefit



Annual Dividend per Share and Payout Ratio

(¥)(%) Dividend per Share and Payout Ratio

Shareholders Benefit

We established our shareholder benefit program to express appreciation for our shareholders’ continued support, to enhance the attractiveness of investing in our stock, and to encourage more shareholders to hold our stock for the medium to long term. As detailed below, QUO cards will be presented to shareholders who are shown to be holding at least one unit (100 shares) of our company stock on the shareholders’ registry on September 30 each year.

Number of shares held Benefit
5,000 shares or more QUO card worth 5,000 JPY
1,000 - 4,999 shares QUO card worth 3,000 JPY
100 - 999 shares QUO card worth 1,000 JPY